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Pod Coffee Machines

Which Pod Coffee Machine to buy?

Pod coffee systems offer a convenient and consistent coffee experience with every cup.

Whatever your favourite coffee experience is, there’s one for you.  Perhaps a frothy Cappuccino, an Americano, a Latte or for the real enthusiast the Espresso.   Pod coffee machines can make them all and much, much more.

Making your favourite coffee in a coffee pod machine is so easy.

– Fill with water and pop the pod into the machine

– Wait for a few seconds while the machine filters hot water through the coffee capsule and pours your brew

– Enjoy!

It really is as simple as that to make a delicious, stylish coffee at a fraction of the price you would pay in a coffee house.

Why Choose a Pod Coffee Machine?

If you want quality real coffee ready in an instant, with no fuss, no mess and and consistent, repeatable results, pod coffee machines are for you.

A brilliant accessory to any kitchen plus they look great.  Ideal for when you have friends round.  And why not give a pod coffee machine as a Birthday, Christmas or Wedding gift?

Enjoy perfect Lattes, Americanos, Espressos, Cappuccinos and many, many more exciting coffee drinks.  Convenient, hot and ready to drink in seconds.

Now you don’t need to step out the door to enjoy Coffee Shop qualities and aromas.

Which Pod Coffee Machine should I buy?

There are quite a few different brands of pod coffee machine available, so which one should you buy?

Your choice will depend on the range of coffee pods available, the price range of the pod coffee machines and their pods, design aesthetics of the machine, ease of purchasing pods, etc.


  1. I have not my machine for a while. Water is coming through and the reservoir is emptying. The pod is emptying and dropping through correctly but the coffee is pouring into the ‘slop’ tray under the empty pod reservoir instead of coming through the spout into the cup. Any ideas please ?

    • Try taking a coffee stirrer stick up through the nozzle to take out any blockage. Then prime the water by lifting the pod handle up vertically and move it back a little further for a few seconds then bring it back to the horizontal position. Lock the handle in place as if you have a pod in it. Then hit the large cup button to see if any water comes through the nozzle.

  2. I have a foil lid stuck in my machine, is there an easy fix to get it out?
    Normally it’s loose and easy to peel off, but this one is tight!


  3. I have a De Longhi EN125S had a early cup of coffee went to work got home in afternoon to find water all over kitchen bench top and water tank empty Please Help or is it time for a new one??

  4. Hi, have a Pixie Clips machine, brand new. A pod is stuck in the housing of machine – not on water side so can’t flush out..
    Is it wize to dig & try to force it or does this machine have a ‘release’ – obviously not working very well!
    Would appreciate any help thanks!

  5. Hi there .. Having a problem with my nespresso pod machine when I put the pods in they seem to fall straight threw into the disposed of box.. Had the machine roughly 2 years seem a really simple issue to resolve so if u have anything that could help please email me back thanks again

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