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Nespresso problem – No water coming out

If you have a new Nespresso coffee machine, or you have not used it for a long time, you will probably find that no water comes out when you press the button. You can hear the pump and motor whirring inside and making a noise, but no water is being drawn through the Nespresso machine. It appears to be broken or just not working.

This fix works for all sorts of Nespresso machines like the Nespresso Citiz, Nespresso Maestria, Nespresso Lattissima, Nespresso U, Nespresso Pixie, Nespresso Virtuoline or Nespresso Inissia.

To fix this, check the simple things first,

Is there water in the water container or reservoir?

Is the water container or reservoir correctly seated on its base and clicked in place?

Is the Nespresso coffee machine plugged in and turned on?

If these are not the problem, then the internal water pump is probably just air-locked.  The water pump needs to have water in it to allow water to flow through the system, otherwise no water can come out. This is a very common Nespresso problem. Here’s how to fix it.

To prime the water pump and get water into it:

  • Raise the top lever on your Nespresso pod coffee machine vertically
  • Press the Lungo or Espresso button once.  You will hear the motor or pump in the machine whir and start up
  • Push the top lever back a bit further, it will go about half an inch beyond the vertical
  • After a second or so you will hear and see water start to flow through the Nespresso machine
  • Close the top lever back down to its normal horizontal position

Problem solved 🙂

Note: An air lock can also happen if you allow the water reservoir to run dry, resulting in no water coming out of the Nespresso machine. For example, if there is too little water in the reservoir for the amount of coffee you are trying to make it will run dry and cause an airlock. So it’s always a good plan to keep the water container topped up before making your delicious Nespresso coffee in the morning to make sure the reservoir doesn’t run dry.


  1. Jeremey steinz

    I have the original nespresso and the lever wont go past vertical. Tried a syringe and everything I could, I covered the hole where the water comes out to create a vacuum effect to force the pump to intake water and that solved the problem.

  2. Unbelievable. Awesome. Wonderful. Tried all those other stupid methods on YouTube and this is the ONLY one that worked. Just prop up the lever!!! THANK YOU!

  3. I thought my machine was toast.. This trick worked like charm on a Nespresso C60 Pixie. Huge thanks for this one!!

  4. What worked for me (Inissia C40) was to fill the water container, raise the back end of the machine and let it sit over night in a forward tilting position with the rear end prodded up on a small jar. First try in the morning it started spitting some water, second try worked just fine.

    • Thanks for all these suggestions. For my nearly new Virtuo Next, the solution turned out to be a simple cleaning of the water way at the head of the machine. Apparently the grind of that famous Italian espresso is too fine for this machine in self packed re-used pods. I used a twist-tie from a bread loaf to clean out the spout. Indeed, fine dried espresso mud was on the tie. All better now.

    • Thanks for this! I tried about 7 different “this will fix it!” ideas and finally, somewhat in despair, left my little Inissia propped up overnight. She is working like a champ this morning.

  5. Brilliant! My Nespresso machine had not been used for 2 1/2 years. This fixed it immediately. Thank you x a million.

  6. Had tried all the “wonder” solutions on youtube without success.Then I tried this and bingo it worked. Thank you so much

    • I tried everything all day long I went to every website even talked to Nespresso direct and then late tonight I read about trying boiling water and boy it works it took about five or six pushes on the button and finally just went right through it’s working perfectly thank you all for your input

  7. Many thanks to all people who suggested connecting the garden hose.

  8. This is amazing. I bought a non-working machine and this fixed it. Thanks for saving me a bunch of money! <3 🙂

  9. Brilliant solution to clear away air lock.
    Simple easy instructions which worked!

    • michael ghahramani

      no watter, try all the solution did not help garden hose was the best solution .turn it on conect watter presurfor a 20 second works perfect.

  10. My mother-in-law were given a Turmix years ago. They used it once and next time they wanted to use it – it didn’t pump water.
    My son brought it home as he said if anyone could get it working it was me. A quick Google search and I found this – AND it worked!

    • I have a Lattissima touch and tried everything syringe, blowing the hose etc. and didn’t work. So I have one more option which was the garden hose. I removed the water tank and put the garden hose on the water intake and turn on the machine and pressed the Lungo and turn on the water faucet at the same time. Voila! it works!

    • Worked so perfectly… initially i was very sad thinking the machine was no longer working and then I tried this .. thanks a million times over

  11. I have a Nespresso D150 Espresso machine a friend of mine gave me, she said she used it once in a while. It worked once or twice but recently it won’t pump water. I watched youtube and followed the steps I spent almost 5 hours trying different methods. At last it just stopped without me turning it off. I don’t want to throw it away. Please help!

    • I ended up just blowing on the part that connect to the water tank and it finally worked. My nespresso is brand new.

    • I encountered the same problem with my inissia machine after 6 month of unused. I found that this problem is because of Air-lock in water pump. I tried some solution that found in different websites but didn’t work. Finally I tried the instruction of empting the machine twice and the problem was solved!! To do that:
      1- turn off the machine and remove water tank.
      2-Lift the coffee lever to upright position.
      3- Press either cup buttons simultaneously for 3 seconds.
      4- the buttons start to flashing and you will hear a loud sound.
      5- Repeat the steps again and you probably solve the problem
      It worked for me.

    • I have a citiz bought in 2015. I try to descale for the first time. I follow the YouTube instruction and manage to run the descaling solution twice successfully. But when I try to run the rinse cycle, no water comes out. I have tried all the methods suggested here but still no water comes out. What can I do next ?

  12. It worked like wonder. Thanks so much! Amazing how the manufacturer did not write any troubleshooting manual for this supposedly simple problem.

  13. I have a Vertuoline with air lock that none of the aforementioned remedies worked. Twitter user @andrew_low shared a link to Nespresso website describing how to drain the machine before storing, this worked for me.

  14. The syringe trick worked for me! It had been sitting 9 months or so unused. I have an old Citiz, probably 10 years or older. The lever doesn’t go back any farther than straight vertically. First I tried a turkey baster but that just made a mess. Then I found an old medicine syringe like for children’s Motrin or Tylenol and that fit in the hole perfectly. I pressed the lungo button while simultaneously pressing the filled syringe through the water intake hole and I could hear the noise change as the water got pushed through. Stopped it, put the tank back on, and it’s working great again. Thanks!

    We bought a used Nespresso Mini. Thanks to Nic Dawson for the link he shared: We now have a working Nespresso. We risked a whole $8 on a used machine which powered up and the pump ran. Some poor schmuck gave up on it and donated to our local thrift store because it would suck any water from the reservoir. The common problem, as you will see with the majority of comments, is that the these machines need to be primed when it sits unused for long periods. As per the video you need to pull out the strainer located at the base where the water reservoir sits with needle nose pliers. Use a medicine syringe (ours was a 5mL which our local Pharmacy gave to us for free) to force water into the hole/tube located in the base. Replace your water reservoir, run your machine as per usual and it should start spitting out water, as ours did. Love Google and You Tube! Good luck!

    • Marni- I don’t know if you’ll ever see this but THANK YOU!!!
      I forced water threw using a 5ml syringe four times and was sooo thankful it broke the airlock!

      Nespresso On…


    • Marni…I did exactly as you suggested (after trying the air-blown ziplock numerous times) AND IT WORKED! Took a few tries but after what sounded like an explosion in my kitchen the water started to flow!!
      Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU!
      You saved me my marriage and hundreds of dollars for a replacement 😂🤣😉

      • I have espresso virtuoline, tried syringe with water, didn’t help. It’s stop talking, no sounds at all. And if cover up doesn’t make any sounds also.

        • Sorry, I didn’t see your comment until now. Sounds like the pump was pooched (which I am sure you also concluded) and there is no coming back from a pooched pump. Check your local thrift store, you might be able to find a replacement for cheep if you miss your Nespresso. Again, sorry for my late response.

    • Marni and everyone else who commented,

      THANK YOU SO MUCH! I tried literally everything and was about to resort to opening up the machine before I stumbled on this post. I happen to have access to syringes due to my profession so I brought one home from work, pushed 5 mL of water through 4 times and voila, my machine worked. I was at my wit’s end because I’d just dropped $$ on pods so again thank you, thank you.

    • Thank you so much for that link! Followed it and within mere minutes my machine I thought was toast was brought right back to life! God bless the internet and people like you and the dude in the vid 🙂

      Truly. Thank you. You friggin rock.

  16. Thank you for this post!!!! I bought a Nespresso Essenza off of offer up, because my hubby took my other one! They had it sitting unused a year! No water was pumping through! The lever trick worked!!!! Pushed it back a little further whilst the pump was sounding and boom! Water came out! Then i descaled it with warm water and a Nespresso descale kit! White vinegar wd work also im sure! Anyway its running now!!! Thank u!!

  17. I have an original model Nespresso D150. It had been in storage for at least a decade. When I plugged it in and tried to use it, the unit’s pump appeared to work fine, but no water came out. I found this blog while researching the issue.

    Someone stated that each of the solutions posted here works depending on the Nespresso model you have. I encourage you to try them all until you find one that works. In my case, the syringe solution worked for me. I found a syringe used for injecting liquids into a baby’s mouth at my local grocery store. Most pharmacies have them as well. In a pinch, get a straw, fill it with water, then blow the water into the inlet. Be creative. All you need to do is prime the pump by forcing water into it. This was the easiest solution without taking my machine apart.

    First, I removed the reservoir. With the machine pump on, I forcefully injected water into the water inlet a few times with the syringe. Once the water started pumping without effort, I descaled the machine and ran a couple of reservoirs of regular water to rinse it. Easy!!

    I am overjoyed to report that my original “bulletproof” Nespresso D150 still makes a great latte! Thanks to everyone for all the suggestions!

    • Oh how I love you – have a top of the range home machine not used for ages – thought it was broken as no water pumping. Decided to bin it. just before throwing I saw your post and thought I have nothing to lose… got a 60 ml syringe and tipped the machine up so I could get to the nozzle you were talking about – where it sucks up the water and forced water in a couple of times. Then balanced machine and tuned on for one cup at same time as pushing in the water from syringe – MY GOD IT WORKED!!!! now have a fully functional machine – thank you soooo much

    • Brand new Lattisima One right out of the box. Pump cycles off & on for 10 seconds but no results. I tried the syringe and straw technique which didn’t work. Finally used a piece of 1/2 inch irrigation hose which fit perfectly into the water port that the tank sits on. Filled the hose, pressed Lungo and blew hard on the hose. Worked and I’m now enjoying my first cup.

    • Thank you…just used the syringe (3times) and now works

    • Does the syringe have to create an airtight seal with the water inlet that the reservoir sits on? I have tried this and I’m not sure it’s working properly.

      • I’m really disappointed with these units. I have the Citiz. It has already been replaced once by Nespresso. The 2nd unit, now out of warranty does the same thing. I was able to prime the unit by using the irrigation hose method. Placed some water in the hose and outside the water port. First I tried sucking the water and then blowing hard.
        The unit is primed now but now suffers from a lack of pressure to even pump enough water to make a cup. Water flows without a coffee pod. I’ve called “support” and they made me do a machine reset. This makes the machine light up the lights with a 3-blinking code — they say it is now an electrical problem — absolutely disgusting response! 2 units in 2 years, same thing. I am not going to throw it out. I have a schematic to teardown the unit and take a look at how this pos contraption is made. If anyone else has gone through the teardown process, I am all ears.

        By the way, descaling the unit caused the no-flow / air-lock problem for me. The descaling process ends after all of the fluid runs out of the reservoir. If you’re having no-flow problems, it won’t be long before you run into the pressure issue.

    • Brilliant advice – i have a krups nespresso – quite an old one that’s not been used for a while & after a lot of persuasion with a syringe it working!!! Had to persevere with the syringe for about 20 mins, moving the end of the syringe around over the mesh. Thank you for taking the time to post the solution

    • When you did this was there no water coming through at all, or just on the espresso pod. We have a d150 and get water through the steam attachment, but not the espresso function.


  18. Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was desperately for my afternoon coffee and I was struggling half an hour until I’ve found this post! Now I’m smelling my coffee again!

  19. My Essenza motor makes NO SOUND when either button pressed.
    Water level is full and canister seated in place.
    Lights are on, and flashing when pressed.
    Any thoughts?

    • I am having the same problem with our MAESTRIA Magimix; lights are on; but no noise from the motor when you press the buttons; the milk frother works fine; any ideas? Maybe a internal fuse?

    • My Inissia has similar issue. Would wirr up and attempt to pump but no water coming out. Tried the ziplock and syringe. No luck, there is water in the machine but now wont even start up or attempt to wirr and pump. Lights just flash and stop?

  20. I’m having issues with a Nespresso Lattissima Touch and I was wondering if anyone else has had similar issues.

    The machine was purchased 29th November 2019.

    Since then the machine has had to be descaled on a number of occasions. Each time I have contacted the Nespresso support line to discuss this issue.

    Log of descaling:
    20th Dec (after 22 days)
    12th Jan (23 days)
    29th Jan (18 days)
    17th Feb (17 days)
    5th March sent for repair
    14th April machine asking to be descaled

    In March they took it back for ‘repair’. The report showed that it was descaled and nothing else. When I spoke to the ‘advisor’ this evening I was told it had been logged as poorly maintained!

    Today after on intermittent use it is again asking to be descaled. I contacted Nepresso voicing my concerns and requesting a replacement machine. They state that they are unable to replace and that the request for replacement must be made to the place of purchase.

    Any similar issues?

  21. Thank youuuuu sooooo soooo much. It worked immediately! That’s why I love the internet and people who is solving our daily problems.

  22. I have the Maestria, I tried a lot of the troubleshooting, and nothing seemed to work. And then I made sure that the overflow was empty, and bam the machine worked again! There must be a sensor… anyway I’m happy we have coffee again, and it’s a reminder that sometimes that the simplest things can easily be overlooked.

  23. I tried some of these tips and non worked for me.
    This tip may even be burred in this thread somewhere, but I followed this guys help.

    Basically you reprime the pump with a syringe.

    Thank you to everyone that posted tips.

    • Thank you for the YouTube link👍🏻 I was almost giving up …
      The syringe didn’t work for me but the Ziploc bag did😊👍🏻

      • I tried the suggestions listed in moving the reservoir up and down while machine is on with no results as well as the ziplock bag and it did not work for me I don’t have a syringe so I used a straw and that seemed to workTHANK GOODNESS!! I’ll make sure my water reservoir never runs dry again 🙂 Thanks for everyone’s suggestions and videos.

    • YES – The syringe trick worked!!! I tried the ziploc bag but it didn’t work for me and the above tip also didn’t work. BUT THE SYRINGE DID WORK!!!! Thank you

    • Thank you for sharing this video. Y I was ready to pull my hair out!

    • Thank you for the link. It worked!

  24. SWEEEET. I was ready to throw the machine away. Worked great. Thanks!!!

  25. Hello and Help! Please

    I tried the above suggestions and now the water is leaking from underneath the machine!
    I was never able to get the lid to go past the vertical. but kept running the machine, then lifting the water reservoir and running the machine etc until now I’ve got a leak.

    • I have a Latissima that I hadn’t used for a couple of years and I tried the suggestions listed above in moving the reservoir up and down while machine is on with no results. I kept reading everyone’s comments posted here and trying different things. I was dreading removing the back panel but as Sam suggested on June 19, 2017, I went ahead. After removing the back panel and locating the two tubes, one black and one clear, I went ahead and disconnected them. I blew into the black tube to make sure it was clear. I also blew into the small motor to make sure it was clear. Once I did that I went ahead and forced water through the clear tube several times. I then connected everything back and replaced the back panel. Turned on the machine and VOILA!!!! water started flowing again. Thanks to Sam all is good now.

    • Hi guys I read through lots and tried them all. Finally way down is this one.. Very simple

      Open the lid up and check the puncher disk. It should spin freely. Others have said turn it over and wash it. I just twisted it until it broke free, then it worked again. If it doesn’t move first go, sure give it a little wash with hot water, and then give it a gentle twist to free it. Everything will then work..


      • Can you post a picture of the puncher desk? Is it the round disc with the pokey things in it or is it a little tiny center desk?

        • I tried lifting the water reservoir up and down while the machine was running on the Lungo button and it worked! I had to do it for almost 10 cycles. The sound of the engine quieten down in the middle of the cycles – it sounded like something was stuck – but the water finally came through and the sound of engine returned to normal again. Thanks for the tip!!

    • I tried all of these suggestions and none worked. Instead of forcing the air pocket through the machine, suck it out with a vacuum cleaner! I put my Dyson on it and boom – problem solved.

    • Use a vacuum cleaner! Worked for me.

  26. Nespresso Pixie
    Turned it on. Pushed the lungo button. Lots of noise but no water.
    All the methods mentioned didn’t work. But the idea was clear.
    I removed the water reservoir, pushed the lungo button and took a Walmart cough syrup syringe and pushed water into the water inlet while it was trying to pump. After a few full squirts, it works now.

  27. I have a Delonghi Nespresso Lattissima, pulled out of storage after 2 years. I’d followed all manufacturer instructions for turning down the machine before storage so when i saw it wasn’t wasn’t pumping water out (I could hear the pump working), I knew it couldn’t be anything serious.

    I tried nearly every fix on here aside from taking the machine apart (it would have been my last option other than replacing it). Decided to give it all another go some two months after my last attempt and guess what… got it working!

    The method that finally worked for me was to repeatedly remove and replace the water reservoir while the machine was running (as suggested by one of the comments in this thread. To do this, have some water in the reservoir and run the machine by pressing whichever button will keep it running the longest (usually lungo). As soon as I can hear the pump, I repeatedly lifted and then replaced the water reservoir a number of times. You may notice some air bubbles come out of the point where the reservoir connects to the machine. If the machine stops, press the lungo button again to run it. I forget how many times I repeated the cycle (5 or 6 times I think) but eventually, the sound of the pump started changing to indicate water was starting to get through the machine. Persisted with this method and a couple of cycles later…. water started flowing again!!!

    So my tip for anyone reading this is have a go at all of the ideas in these comments. What works for one person might not work for others but collectively, everyone’s input give us all a chance to get our machines working again.

    I don’t usually post but hopefully, my experience also helps someone else.

    • My new machine doesn’t pump water and the pump doesn’t even kick on. The machine makes a click and then nothing. Any suggestions?

    • This worked for me! Lifting the water reservoir up and down over and over for about 8 cycles….finally water!! Thanks for the suggestion!

    • I tried the above, removing and replacing the water reservoir while it was cycling after pushing the Luongo button. After about 4 tries. I blew air threw a straw in the hole intake of the water reservoir and it worked! thank you. PS I had tried the plastic bag method and it did not work for me.

    • This worked for me too on the Latissima Touch. Many thanks.

  28. Your tip worked perfectly. Thank you so much!!!

  29. For my Inissia we tried many of the tips above, nothing seemed to work, but then my wife found a YouTube video where they plug/unplug and then remove/return the water reservoir, and finally push BOTH BUTTONS at once: They immediately start intermittently blinking (left/right/left/right), and the gurgling noises slowly transform into more wholesome noises and then BOOM water!!! Quick fix after an hour of messing around!!

    • Got my Lattissima Plus working using a slight variation of this.

      I pressed the button to run my machine and then repeatedly removed/returned the water reservoir while it was trying to pump water. Continued this cycle a few times in succession and in less than a minute, water started flowing again.

    • Michela Cressotti

      lol….. i will try. can you kindly share the video

    • Everyone should start with this method first before doing anything else. I wasted my time trying the syringe, straw, up and down with the reservoir, with no success. Then I tried this and it immediately worked. I have no idea why Nespresso wouldn’t have this in their instruction manual as it is such an easy fix.

  30. Please help me out !
    I recently bought a Nespresso Creatista machine and the machine is not pumping water, the machine is brand new and I’ve tried several times to fix it with some tricks like putting hot water in the reservoir tank and trying to force water in the system by forcing the water at the reservoir tank inside the machine by pushing an air-filled ziplock like I’ve seen in some YouTube videos.
    However, the machine is still not working. There’s is a difference tough .. usually when you press the espresso cofe button to start the process the machine starts to vibrate and making a sound, in this case it only makes a “click” sound and then stops. I’ve tried with Nespresso help but they couldnt help me. Other than that the machine is working fine.
    Please help me !

    • My new machine doesn’t pump water and the pump doesn’t even kick on. The machine makes a click and then nothing. Any suggestions?

    • Hi, I have the same problem. i only keep hearing a click!!! 🙁 have you managed to solve yours? Please help!

      i called nespresso, they say its airlock and ask me to jsut keep pressing the button like 10x. i pressed a 100x and nothing happens.

    • Hi I’m having the same problem. Did you manage to Solve it?. Please
      Help??. Thanks.

    • Did you manage to fix this? I have the same problem. So annoying!

  31. Having the same problem. Any tips on the Vertuoline machine!! Anyone please help…it is a newish machine.

    • How do you fix the machine if there isn’t any coffee coming through? It looks like the pods are not being punctured enough.

    • I have an occasionally-used VertuoLine machine, provided in an apartment. Same problem as others on this page: light flashes, machine makes a strained gurgling noise, but no water pushed through. I read the comments about priming the pump—seemed a bit odd, does Nespresso expect new owners to use a turkey baster?—but none of those tricks worked. Tried putting hot water in the reservoir; that didn’t work either. I opened the lid, reached up and tried rotating the disk with the teeth that puncture the pods. I found I could turn that a little, maybe the distance of a couple of the teeth, in either direction—but not knowing how much it should turn I didn’t want to force it. So then, in exasperation, I unplugged the VertuoLine, opened the lid, held the machine upside down in a sink, and poured the hot water that I had in the reservoir over the toothed disk. After that I found that the disk turns easily—you can spin it and it will keep going. That struck me as a Eureka! moment, and sure enough, after drying it off the machine now works fine. So there’s another fix to try, hope that helps some.

    • Open it up and check the puncher disk. It should spin freely. Others have said turn it over and wash it. I just twisted it until it broke free, then it worked again.

  32. Any tips on the Vertuoline machine!! Anyone please help…it is a newish machine.

  33. Nespresso Krups – fixed in 2 mins. Filled with hot water, pressed Lungo a few times, whilst rocking machine back/forward/sideways. This is after spending an hour on the phone to Nespresso, and following their convoluted processes which resulted in no progress – we accepted their offer to pay 50 quid for a newer, Essenza model.. which is crap – the coffee is nowhere near as hot as the larger models, and the capsule/water troughs are frustratingly small, needed to be emptied every 6 capsules.

    Definitely worth paying more for the larger Krups, it’s a much more improved, and automated, experience.

  34. Try using hot water in the tank to prime the system. If the pump is running, it either has an air block or a mechanism may be sort of stuck. I use hot water all the time on Nespresso machines I go without use for a long time or with brand new machines. Works every time. No explanation on why hot water works. It just does.

    • Thank you! This totally worked

    • Totally worked! Thanks!

      • Omg 😮 you people save my life I was about to throw it outside I got so frustrated once I put hot water in the container while the machine worked thank you so much for everyone’s input on here we all need each other I swear I would never buy another machine like this who need this aggravation this thing was new I only used it a few times and then I sat there for A while thank you everyone

    • Thanks Ralph hot water worked. A much better solution than offered by Nespresso.

    • Hot water worked like a charm! thanks

    • Amazing! I tried everything else that was suggested on here, but it’s the hot water that did it – I actually heard a change in the noise the pump was making just before the water started coming through and I just knew it was going to work!

  35. You need to open the back of the machine(disconnect from power!). Disconnect the white house going to the machine(coffee outlet). Take a large syringe and inject water into this little pipe. I just injected a full syringe, but it might take two to three injections. I know this is dangerous, so I’m not suggesting you do the same, but I injected while my son pressed the Lungo button and while injecting the water it started sucking in water. We stopped, turned off the machine, closed it, turned evening on again and viola, it’s working again!

    • Thanks purchased a new Latissima plus for Christmas. Plugged it in, read the instruction and no water coming out. Stores closed today so I try your suggestion, Wah Lah it works and a Merry Christmas to all:)

      • Curious how (or if) you fixed the problem with your new Latissima. I have the same problem and so far nothing is working. Thanks!

  36. Thanks for the help! Worked perfectly!

  37. My new Inissia has been used once, I tried to run it this morning for my morning coffee and no water coming out. I tried to lift the lever and it won’t budge. I tried taking the water tank off, turning the machine upside down, shaking it and that didn’t work. Tried blowing in the place the water goes in and that hasn’t worked. Any further ideas?

    • MaryEllen Collins

      I’m having the same problem with my Virtouline. Nothing goes vertical. When I lift the lever, the machine turns off. I’ve shaken, blown, turned upside down.
      N O T H I N G!

  38. This worked for me!!! Thank you so much.

    • Can anyone help with My pixie!

      • I just fixed my pixie, but I had to take it apart to do so. In my case, my water pump problem was complicated by the fact that the Pixiebsldo leaked water when I was trying to prime it. When I opened the machine, I found that the rubber hose had come loose from the heating element. Nothing would have fixed this except opening it and reconnecting. Worked perfectly when reconnected. You can find the manual for a disassembling a Pixie on Took about 45 mins.

  39. Have not been using my Nespresso Pixie for years and finally decided to give it away but it’s not functioning properly.
    Water is not dispensing and also giving out a sharp loud noise.

    Tried all the solutions posted here but still not working. Wondering is there is any other tricks to get it works again?

    Thank in advance

    • Might sound daft. I have same problem. Where. Or what is the top lever. Is it inside the machine The once lever I can think is the top slider?? Hope someone can help. I’m two days without my beloved Nespresso machine. Tried de scaler thinking they the problem but it simply pours into the drip tray below. Thanks for any help

  40. Thank you! Worked first time!

  41. I have a gran maestria I purchased a few years ago and never used. Was going to sell it on ebay but throught I better try it first to see if it works. I have tried the different suggestions but still can not get the water to suck up from the tank – what am I doing wrong. The water comes out without problem when manually pushing the engagement switch. I have tried raising the lever and pushing the coffee button with only a drip of water coming out. My lever doesn’t go farther than vertical – only straight up but not farther. Any help would be great. Sure an expensive investment!!

  42. Wow it worked right away! We were about to get rid of it because we hadn’t used it for a couple of years. Thank you!!!

  43. I used a wine airvac plunger to suck and push air into the intake hole. Must have broken the air lock works beautifully now. The kind you use to seal a 1/2 used bottle of wine.

    • Just tried this. Works! Thanks

    • Brilliant. Worked like a charm. When we go on vacation and the nespresso sits for a while it seems to need this! took a few try but back in action. Thanks

      • I’m struggleing to get mine to work, no water will come out! Tried this but my lever won’t go back any further? Some help please.

        • I realize your problem with your Nespresso was a long time ago, but I have just spent a couple of days trying to fix mine. It turned out that the easiest solution was the one that worked! I put water in the reservoir and pushed the longo button and while it was running I pulled the water reservoir out and put it back in constantly while it was running, I continued pushing the button to have it run and pulling the reservoir out and returning it in place over and over. The fifth time I did it water started coming through. It was a wonderful sight as I had spent two days constantly trying different techniques. This was the simplest one, and the one that worked!

    • I tried a number of different solutions. What solved the problem in the end was just to hold the machine upside down for a moment. I also shaked it a little bit and blow hard with my mouth where the water should go in. Problem solved. I now get water…

      • Larry the old guy.

        I was frustrated and went on the internet. Saw your post and decided to try it and I’m so grateful to you for fixing our nespresso. You should be in customer service.

    • Great discovery! Works a charm!

  44. YES!!!! Worked for me. Almost traded in for another one until a friend told me to google the problem. Followed the steps and wala hot water started flowing out.

  45. My Kitchenaid Nespresso is not supplying enough water to the cups, we noticed water coming down behind the container for the used pods and into the drip tray the cup sits on, it is 2.5 years old

    • Dougie.Did you fix this problem . We have same problem with the same machine. 3/4 of the water going into the cup & 1/4 filling the drip tray. Anyone have any ideas. Gerry

      • In this case the problem is given by the residues left by coffee and not by limestone. You can do several things. With a toothbrush clean inside where the capsule is compressed. Wipe the nozzle of the spout with a paper clip. Turn the machine upside down and blow strongly into the spout (also giving small strokes to the machine to move the lumps). Then make several cycles of long coffee (without capsule) until the water comes out clean.

        • When you turn the machine upside down and blow into the nozzle, leave the extraction system open.
          With my Nespresso Pixie Delonghi it worked.

    • I have the same problem . Any ideas on this

      • I find that happens with non-Nespresso pods. I haven’t paid a lot of attention, but I’ve noticed when I use Nespresso pods, there’s no problem.

    • I had the same problem with my first machine; it was a broken line inside. Nespresso helped diagnose the problem but I ended up replacing the pixie.

  46. Can someone gives instructions for a Virtuoline? There isn’t a “lungo” button. I’ve tried everything but still get the clicking and double blinking light with no water flow. It worked fine until I reset to factory settings. Now it doesn’t dispense water.

  47. I got the Lattissima touch brand new and it won’t pump any water I’ve tried this lever thing and will not work any advice a replacement is going to take a week 😞

  48. the guide fixed my new machine issue..really appreciate it. thank you

  49. I have a Magimix M130 & the lever at the top seems to have seized up. There’s a pod inside, but no water is being drawn through & everything seems to be locked in position & there’s just a humming noise, as though it’s trying to work. Any suggestions?

  50. Abdullah Alghamdi

    Thanks .. it fixed mine 🙂

  51. Hallo. Just bought a brand new nespresso pixie. Water not coming through. Water also leaking through bottom of machine. Tried evrything. Still nothing. What else can I try.

  52. Hi.
    I have a Delonghi Nespresso machine and the coffee is not coming out.

    What can the issue be and how can i fix it?

    • I don’t know about yours, but I was just given a new Nespresso, and the water not coming out. I finally figured out that the pods I bought in London are smaller than the American pods! If Nespresso had not included pods with the machine, I never would have known they are a different size. I had a commercial machine someone gave me, and now, after throwing it away, I know why it wouldn’t work after it had for quite a while.
      I bought the pods in London because they were cheaper than they are to buy here online. It was fun too!

    • I have a Delonghi Nespresso machine, worked yesterday suddenly no water coming out today. I did everything that was suggested, tilting rocking, opening the pod lever and nothing. I could hear noises and water was reaching the bottom tray only. I unplugged and gave it a rest. Repeated all again finally (after much trying)I opened the lever QUARTER way and water came through. Put my cup for a coffee nothing!! Unplugged rested ( it was hot) put a pod in and presto: coffee!! So keep trying but for the delonghi empty the bottom tray often until it starts working to avoid being burned. I had to constantly refill the water tank too, obviously. I think the trick is with the lever. Thanks for this help can’t do without Nespresso coffee 🙂

  53. Hi maybe someone can help me! I have a maestria that is leaking to the bin, havent used it for a while. We did everything possible from cleaning emptying and descaling it. Is it broken? Any advice?

  54. I hoping you can help! I’ve turned on my nespresso machine and it’s asking me to descale! Carn’t even make a coffee… So I go through all the opinions but as soon as it starts it stops no water is pimping through at all! Guessing I got a air bubble?

  55. Problem solved indeed! Thank-you! 😀

  56. Hi I have a nesspresso Krups we descaled it now it won’t work not making any notice and won’t run the water how can I fix it tried what you have posted and it hasn’t worked

  57. Hi! I have a Essenza Delonghi that’s about 6 years old. This morning I tried descaling it after not using it for months and hadn’t ever been descaled either… : / I got the 2 lots of descaler water through it and then went to put a clean run through it and now it’s not doing anything, not starting up or pushing any water through. Only the lungo button is flashing : ( have I broken it?

    • no, you haven’t broken it. this is a defect with the machine when you don’t use it for a few months. any non-use for from about 1 month to several years will make this happen. what you’ll need to fix it:
      1. syringe
      2. security-screwdriver-bit-set-102
      you can either go through it and fix it yourself or pay nespresso to do it for you.
      1. open up the bottom of the Essenza Delonghi and find 2 tubes.
      2. disconnect those tubes.
      3. fill the syringe with water and force it through those tubes.
      4. reconnect and put back together
      the machine should work again.
      any questions let me know

      • Hello i have a Inissia 4 mths old… i descaled it, ran clean water afterthat it stopped working, lights power up also flash somtimes but there is no other activity. the motor makes no noise neither is there any water flowing. the inside does get steamy a little bit.

      • Hi, will the same fix work for a pixie? Mine hasn’t been used for ages. Would it be a side panel I need to remove? Thanks.

    • Did u try the instructions above?

      Hadn’t used mine in three years and couldn’t figure out how to get the water pump running until crossing this page. Thank you!

  58. Thank you master! You saved my little baby Essenza’s life! You are genius! But i have no idea my machine is making a very high noise.. could you help me to fix this please..

  59. Thanks so much! We let he water run dry and needed to do exactly what you recommended! Quick fix! Thanks!

  60. Fantastic tip thank you!! Saved me £79 to send off for repair. Note when you lift the handle don’t force just rock it gently on its hinge. Also I found that didn’t work alone, I had to tilt the machine back and forth a couple of times at 30 or so degree angles and that combined, solved the prob! Be careful of the hot water coming through once it gets going, especially when machine is at an angle if anyone is reading this!!

    Thanks again

  61. Leeanne Tennant

    Thank you so much for the fix. Worked perfectly.

  62. Thanks so much! I was about to send my Maestria back to be fixed so I’m very grateful to you for giving me a solution that worked.

  63. I have a D290. It’s been working fine for the past 5 years. However, just recently not only I’ve been having inconsistent amount but temperature is way less than warm. Tech support useless.

    Any advice.

  64. Pixie water lock. The fix worked in the past even though the lever never went past vertical. Tried tilting it but am reluctant to keep running the motor. The water tank is hidden and out of view. A possible DESIGN SOLUTION for those of us who forget to add water is to make the tank more visible or have an indicator that is on top where you are pushing the buttons. Of course this would add to the manufacturing cost but I may have to buy a new unit. We all love this machine and it has a nice small footprint.

  65. What an expensive piece of crap! no water no amount of hot water, tipping shaking, priming helps this nespresso vertuoline.

  66. We bought a second Nespresso for $10 at a yard sale! We were so bummed when we were told it worked, but had the problem listed above, a quick Google search lead me here and your solution fixed the problem immediately! Thank you so much!

  67. Thanks so much for all the answers – I just ended up picking up and putting down the water tank (so bubble came out) without pressing the buttons, and that forced enough water into it. But all the tips were so helpful! 🙂

    Just had my first coffee!

  68. This solution worked well for me twice in two years. Thank you for this simple fix. I really didn’t want to throw out my Nespresso maker.

  69. Awesome, thought i had 2 knackered machines now both fully working again – you are the dogs bo12ocks ✌️??

  70. Hello i have an krups and when i put the capsule on the krups, and when i close, don´t close it, too much pressure to close, any help ?


  71. Just accidentally ran my machine without the water reservoir. You’re my savior! This worked immediately.

  72. A+. Thanks for helping me resolve my issue. I was about to lose my mind until I came across this tip. Worked on the first time!

  73. Our Breville coffee machine does not froth any more we bought it in August 2016 do you know what the problem .

  74. I’ve done the above manner, but still can not work

    • I also did this ti and nothing. The machine is not very old. I I did not use my machine for several months due to being gone out of the country. HELP i NEED my Nespresso

  75. We used rubber ducky to squirt water inside. Worked a charm

  76. I can’t thank you enough! It really worked. I was so close to throwing mine out. You just made my morning.

  77. Thanks a lot!
    You saved my ESSENZA machine.

  78. coffee coming through on all buttons except the front right hand button. Milk comes through then machine stops.

  79. Brilliant solution. Problem solved. Thanks!

  80. For my Lattissima Touch I followed the 5 steps without any result… than I tried the second step first, than the first step as second, than the 3rd and so on… changing the first two steps solved my pump problem without making physical exercises with my brand new Lattissima Touch 🙂

  81. You saved my Nespresso 🙂 My lever didn’t go past vertical either, but the attempt resulted in tilting the machine which seemed to connect the water line because very quickly the grumbling transitioned to a gurgling and the water started to pour. Thanks! Thought It was done for sure

    • Maybe I’m slow. Could you explain more clearly what you mean by pushing the lever up another half inch. Mine doesn’t go up at all. Is this with the machine open, locked etc. Thanks Lou .

  82. Thank you! I was gifted a used Nespresso and couldn’t get it to work. Now I’m sipping my first Nespresso coffee. Hurray!

  83. Thank you very much for sharing this. It completely solved our issue with our machine (Nespresso Essenza over 4 yrs old) after neglecting to fill up the water container and trying to make a coffee – duh!

  84. Thank you Carla (Jan 22). I have a Citiz, had to tilt it 90 degrees front down and water gurgled out. Runs ok again.

  85. Citiz… nope, none of this worked. eventually the motor just burnt out! 🙁
    Rocked it back and forth, different angles, started to mae a different noise, got excited then …heard a burning smell now it just sits there flashing lights. Got it for £25 on ebay was hoping for a steal but no cigar 🙁

    • Hello i had the same problem with my citiz the water wasnt going out and in one moment it start to make the noise as the water was going and it stop and a little smoke went out , did u get some solution or u know from where it came the smoke ?? Thank u very much

  86. I received a new Nespresso Inissia and when i first started it make really loud noise, is it normal? I have used Keuring machines and they are really quiet. Not sure if all Nespresso makes such loud noise.

  87. I am trying to boot up a virtually brand new machine. Couldnt get flow so i read and tried what you said. Then i found out that the coffee. Large and small buttons were supposed to light up. Mine were not. I let the machine sit then noticed that they came on for the first time. Thought i could get it flowing. Now after an attempt or two of your strategy, the lights go off again. Amy help?

    • Oh, and this us an old machine, model D290, just not used. Only the samples that it came with then stored.

    • In every country there’s a “Nespersso ” shop.. first try to call or email may need to send the machine..they usually help! ya expensive & very unpractical! . but they do beautiful job.. their coffee 2 nd to none for many yrs!.. I have mine 2 yrs.i used to spend min 10-20$ per day.. now Nespersso has paid for itself… better than any “Starbucks costa, Gloria.! Mine had “air” in it after 2 yrs use.. now new again!!:)

  88. Thank you so very much!!? I allmost bought a new one, And then thought about maybe finding a way o fixing it and you were it?

  89. I have a Essenza and once the lever is vertical, push it a little bit past the vertical away from you, it will start making some noise and eventually water will go through.

  90. Thank you!! Worked wonders on my Magimix Nespresso machine. The lever does not go past vertical but if you tilt the machine backwards whilst holding the on button you can hear the machine gurgling.

  91. I have a problem .my nespresso machin doesn’t work and when l turn on ,blinking the button and pause .after that no make a noise a no runing water .please help me !!!

    • I’ve bought 2 nespresso citiz machines and they both have the same problem-no water flow. The machine cost $430!
      I called for help twice and they want to manually prime the machine. It’s brand new!!!
      Tried your trick and it didn’t work. The handle does not go back.

      • Did you fix it? I have the same problem

      • I have the citiz. Same issue no water was coming out.

        To solve you need a rubby ducky ( im not kidding). Clean it and fill it with clean water.

        Lift the lever.

        Align the rubber ducky’s air hole (usually center bottom of toy) to the citiz water intake valve. Turn on the machine on lungo. Squeeze rubber duck

        This should create enough pressure to force water into the air tight tank and break whatever air pressure it is in there.

        Et voila citiz started to work!

  92. Oh and I have a nespresso inissia that this trick worked on.

  93. It works! Was so frustrated with it and the youtube videos and instruction manuals were of no help. Water was NOT coming out. Tried this trick and water started flowing. Thanks for saving me from having no espresso or spending hours looking for a solution!

  94. I have a garage sale the box and looking brand new…however, the pod does not get punctured. Water flows well..all over the counter….to anyone’s knowledge? Is there an adjustment for the lever/hole maker thing?

  95. The lever on the Nespresso Pixie does not push back any further than vertical.
    The solution described in the article did not work for me.

    I have a new Nespresso Pixie. I’m surprised to be experiencing issues because of what is clearly such a poor design quality by Nespresso. Also to see YouTube and google searching showing thousands of people having the same problem.

    If this represents the poor level of integrity, respect, excellence and service in Nespresso’s machines; What is really in the coffee, behind the neatly packaged capsules ? I imagine a LOT of mold and micro-toxins. I imagine if I looked into where their coffee REALLY comes from and how it is stored.. that it will meet todays regulations.. but that the truth behind it would be as shocking as the contents of a emulsified offal tube AKA sausage.

    It might taste good to most people… but what’s really in it.

  96. Great tips, it works on my Inissia at first tried. Thanks a bunch.

  97. 4 days ago i purchased Inissia Nespresso. Is the motor suppose to be that loud.My next door neighbor said she could hear the motor of the expresso maker. Is this normal?

    • Yes they are loud (louder that a loud speaking voice), but if your neighbor can hear it I assume your kitchens share a common wall. If you can, move the machine away from this common wall. If this is not the situation you must have very thin walls.

  98. You are a magician!! Thank you… I have my machine back 😉 :*

  99. Thanks! Your tip was very useful! Nesspresso wanted to charge ~USD 75 to fix the problem!

    • Thank you! This tip was perfect. My nespresso was in storage for over a year, and I thought that it was kaput. Your tip prevented me from going out and buying a new one. Yummy nespresso!

  100. Hi. I have a Nespresson U Machine. Water is being drawn from the beaker when turned on but coffee is not flowing through the external spout but (all of it) leaking directly into my drip tray at the bottom. Called Nespresso support and was told to send it in for repair or replace. Wondering if anyone can suggest a troubleshooting tip or two that I can try out before sending for repair.
    Thanks in advance

    • I have exactly the same problem – was told to try to use a brush to clear a possible blockage from coffee grains – tried several times with a toothbrush but to no avail…….a real shame as it is otherwise a good machine and I suspect the cost of repair will be close to the cost of a new machine –

    • I have the same problem. did you get any useful hint?

    • Argh… Me too same problem…2 yr old machine Everything works except coffee goes down into the drain rather than into the cup…
      I tried the rubber band trick ** and that worked for half a cup.. Then the rest went into the drain..
      **Rubber band trick… Take the capsule and lay the flat side on the bench.. Take a rubber band and loop it onto the capsule… And roll it down towards the capsule flat end.. Insert as usual… THE idea is that the rubber band increases the pressure on the front face of the capsule so that the front seal(ing) is better….. M

    • Raising my hand too for this particular issue with the Nespresso U! I adore this machine and don’t want to have to replace it with another model but I imagine a repair will be impractical. Did anyone figure out how to fix the internal leak? Lalz, did you end up getting it repaired?

  101. Thanks so much – this worked straight away – after being on the phone to Nespresso for ages and they couldn’t think what was wrong only could arrange a pick up! Pity they can’t train their own “technical coffee experts” to advise this first!

  102. Still doesn’t work. I have a Virtuoline. You can’t tilt the lever back and still run the machine. I tried tilting the entire machine backward to no avail. You can’t tilt it past vertical since water will spill every where. The machine just grinds and spins the coffee pod over and over.

  103. It works
    Thank you so much

    • Nespresso Professional ES 100: What if the pump is running continiously after first switch on? I repaired all the leaking seals and reassembled and then filled water and switched on and the machine initially worked like normal by first flushing and then stopped waiting for select button to carry on. This was normal procedure but then it switches the pump on and continues to pump hot water and does not switch off, even after pushing red button and all lights go off, it still pumps? Only remedy is to pull the plug. It almost seems that it could be a ‘reset’ problem, but how to do it? Before leaks it worked fine?

      • There is a way to reset the machine back to default settings I saw it this morning but can’t remember. A quick look on Google should find it

    • Wonderful that really worked! Thank you so much!

  104. I’ve a Nespresso Iniesta. After descaling, my machine won’t work. All the lights work properly but no water is coming out and the motor is not running. I’ve tried above tricks but still not working. Please help.

  105. I have a maestria and it ran out of water and it would not prime! After much trying the motor when pushing the lunga or expresso button does not start! Water only flows on the heating the glass side, can anyone help?
    Thanks in advance!

  106. Thank you so much!!! I was beginning to think I was going to have to replace the machine but this worked great. Machine is back to normal. Seems like the air lock was definitely the issue. We moved four months ago and haven’t used it since so it just needed a little reboot. ?

  107. I have a vertuoline and what I discovered was after a couple months of non use the head got locked up. By head I mean the part that stabs into the pod and spins. I ended up unplugging it, turning it over and pouring hot water over everything. Then manually spinning the head until it was free again. Now it works like new again.

    • Thank you!!!! Thought my vertuoline machine was broken. I followed your instructions and modified just a little bit. Hadn’t used it in a few months and there were grounds stuck in the rotating head. used a tooth brush and hot water to clean the central most puncture point and then the rest of the head. Rotated it a few times manually and I was making coffee in no time! Thanks again.

    • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you. I was ready to give up but I had just ordered capsules. If I buy a new machine I wouldn’t buy another Vertuoline. I would get a pixie or similar since all I do is make Americana’s anyway. This should buy me time to use up the small fortune worth of capsules and then I will get a new espresso machine. My spinner was so stuck I couldn’t have even told you it was supposed to spin. LOL Free as a bird now. Thanks again.

    • You saved me, Lee! I had tried all the tips above but just couldn’t figure out how that would work on a Vertuoline! Water spills, what lever is everyone talking about, etc?! I read your comment and manually reached up to spin the head – it was stuck. I torqued on it a bit and felt it release. Running a descaling now like a champ. Thank you x infinity!

    • I had the same stuck head issue for months and your toothbrush idea to clean it worked. I just dipped a brush in warm water and brushed the head, all the bits, and then it worked like a charm. On my nespresso virtuo line.
      Thank you

  108. Guys, thought I would let you know what worked for me…
    I have a pixie nespresso and zeroes everything mentioned here and nothing worked. However on another site it suggested holding down the large cup button for 15 seconds to reset the machine. I did this and it worked.

  109. Thank you , Thank you, Thank you !! Breakfast coffee at last !!

  110. I have the nepresso zn100 model at my office. We keep going through pod after pod because its taking the pods, puncturing it as if it were going to make coffee, but only giving out water. any one else have this happen?

  111. Thanks 🙂 problem solved!

  112. David Brice-Bennett

    Waste of time contacting Nespresso coffee “experts” because they’re not very knowledgeable and just trot out half-sentences from the training manual. Customer service? Don’t even go there.

  113. I bought my Nespresso machine from the second hand shop for $5 (smug bast**d). When I got it home I could not get water feed. This page have me a good hint as to what the problem was, I thought the pump may need priming so followed the steps here. I still had no joy so I put some warm water directly in the water inlet, got a little sucker pad, the type used to secure things to bathroom tiles, and manually pumped the water into three machine. Worked a treat. Now I’ll dealer the machine and I’m good to go….. For $5! 😉

    • After my machine sat unused for 7 months it would not pump any water. I tried the other things listed by others and did not work. Then tried sucking air out of the unit with my wine vacuum pump, then ran with latch open. Wala, it worked?. Thanks

    • I had tried the other methods nothing worked. I figured it had to do with getting the air bubble out. Thanks so much. This worked. I boiled the water first to get it good and hot.

    • Thanks so much. I tried this method (all the others didn’t work) with boiled water. My machine is working again! ???

      • Thanks, my Vertuoline off eBay had same problem- rinsing helped 100%- I had to disconnect the water line and rinsed through both ways, with immediate success.
        (It did require removing the top cover first).

  114. Received a Latissa Nespresso as a gift. Followed all instructions and could not get it to work. Tried everything. Finally called customer service. They were honestly really great and the trick is HOT tap water, but not boiling. Fill the tank with hot water the first go around and run it a couple of times in a row. For some reason the hot water is what removes the air bubble which is stopping the pump from working when you first operate it.

    • Thanks Jen, the hot water tip was the one worked for me.

    • For my Pixie I did the same thing. customer service walked me through it, and the hot water seems to “open up” the plastic tubing. Filled tank with hot water, closed pod area, trid to run the pump 5x (removing tank to allows bubbles out after each one). when that didn’t work we unplugged and plugged back in holding the small shot button down. Tried again and then just let it sit for 45 min. When I got back, it is working fine.


    • The hot water worked for me. Have a brand new citiz. Took a couple of button pushes but eventually primed. Thank you.

  116. I was having a bad morning til I found this page. Thanks! For some reason it is stronger than normal, but I think there might be exploded pods hanging causing a second issue. I do, at least, have coffee! Thanks

  117. Thanks – fixed the issue.

  118. I have a Pixie and the above suggestion did not work because the handle does not go past vertical. After a lot of frustration and just about ready to throw the machine out, I turned it on and tilted the machine back and forth still hearing the motor but no water, then I placed it all the way down till the front was nearly on the counter and I heard water. I stood it back up and water was running out.
    It has been giving me all kinds of grief lately – JUST after my one year warranty ran out. One of the things that is driving me crazy is the inconsistent levels of coffee. I like 4 oz per lungo but even when set to factory setting it sometimes gives only 2 oz then 3 then 4. I never know what I am going to get.
    I just ordered $125 dollars in pods and I’m praying the stupid machine holds out till I use them all up BECAUSE I’m done after that!

    • I bought a Maestria, one of the most expensive Nespresso machines, and face the same issue. No remedy seems sure shot. So, what do I do? Operate it manually.

      Sickeningly enough, Nespresso doesn’t seem to care & it’s very frustrating to get them to do anything worthwhile. It’s worse for me because I live in India where Nespresso is not present.

    • Hi Carla , I just got one of these machines today and tried everyone’s advice but yours was the only one that worked ! A bit of a shake back and forth and a bit of hot water and we’re firing out cappuccinos now . This solution works .

      Many thanks : )

    • Atithep Maihom

      Thank you Carla, It’s work for my Pixie.

  119. 1yr old Vertuoline machine light is blinking two times every second, then pauses. Cannot get machine to do anything but make short whirling noise and some clicking. Tried new pods, troubleshooting……!!!! Nespresso wants $125 to fix a $200 machine that is 1mth out of warranty. HELP!

    • Hi, don’t give up! Keep unplugging and plugging back in, pressing the power putton each time. I had the same problem and it’s working now.

  120. That’s the only loophole with this coffee maker; the water tank is not sufficiently big to make two cups of coffee as well as cleaning the machine in one go since cleaning is also done using the steam.

  121. beat you are our Christmas angel! Cheers to you

  122. I had the same problem that the water wouldn’t come out. Tried all the above suggestions to no avail. Then elevated the water entry regulator on the water reservoir up and down a few times and it worked. I guess it had just gotten stuck and dried up during the packaging and shelf process. I’ll admit that the final process was my wife’s suggestion. ??

  123. Thank you, most helpful.

  124. AMAZING – I was worried my machine had broken just before Christmas!

    Thank you for the solution – mine is an older machine but I opened the top lever where you insert the pods and followed same instructions

    Thank you!

  125. I have to hold the buttons down to keep the water coming through and for the coffee to come through. I have a cube machine

  126. Brand new Vertuoline. Tried the initial setup for an hour, didn’t worked. thought about the position of the pipe Inside the machine and the pump not getting the water… restarted the whole process and decided to lift the machine from the front side to about 45° and all of a sudden the pump started to make a different noise and get water. After 30 sec water started to drip in the cup. Problem solved.

  127. We had a brand new Vertuoline just unpacked and my daughter (28) had tried for an hour to get past the initial setup process with the water cleansing… did not work, the pump wouldn’t get the water out the spout…
    I decided to give it a try a thought the pump needed some help, depending on how the pipe was running Inside of the system, it would just need to get to the pump, so I started the process and while the pump was running liftet the front of the machine by about 45° to the back and all of a sudden the pump started to make a different noise (didn’t sound like just pumping air), so I put it down again and after 30 sec. water started to drip in the cup… Solved.

  128. How would one prime a Vertuoline? Brand new machine just openened this morning and cannot get water to flow…..

    • Maybe give the Nespresso Customer Service number a call and they should be able to walk you through the process of clearing an air bubble/air lock.

  129. Priming the pump as you (and everyone else suggests) did not do the trick. My Essenza C100 has been sitting for 3 months. Can I remove the bottom plate and inspect the pump?

  130. I had the same problem and solved it shaking the machine a little bit, forward and backward.
    There was a pod (not original) keeping the water from flowing and the top lever couldn’t go vertical. When I shook the machine, it released the pod, and everything started working again 🙂

  131. Thank, very easy fix to a frustrating problem! I love my Nespresso machine again

  132. I have a Nespresso U Today I went to use it and the water would not come out of the spout but from inside the machine and now I cant open the top where the pod should go. Can you help?

    Regards Verna

    • I’m having this problem as well. I’ve had this machine for over two years and suddenly this morning the water went into the bottom section rather than through the spout to the cup. Not sure what’s wrong

    • Were you able to fix this?

    • Were you able to figure this out? Mines doing the same thing 🙁

    • Same model and same problem. But I can open the pod door, and it still accepts the pod and can brew a cup, it just dispenses the coffee into the pod reservoir instead of through the outlet spout! It seems to grab the pod and pull it backwards before beginning. Any solutions?

  133. I have a d290 motor makes notice but no water comes out

  134. i tried this solution and still no water coming through.

  135. the top lever will not go past the vertical. The motor is going and the reservoir is full and clicked into place. Can’t make coffee and I am going through pods trying to make espresso. I purchased the machine in January of 2015. It was fine for a number of months and then started to perform poorly. The lights on the cup indicators did not shut off but continued to blink and the machine did not shut itself off. Very disappointed.

    • Thanks so much for the tip! Now i can have my coffeeeeeeee! ?

      • I have a Nespresso Lattissima which has worked perfectly for about 5 – 6 years. All of a sudden almost no water comes out the front coffee outlet but it all runs into the capsule drawer. Have done a descaling cycle with no success. Does anyone have any ideas on what I can do to fix it? Thanks……

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