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Nespresso problem – Inconsistent volume of coffee produced

I really like the Nespresso coffee from my new Nespresso pod coffee machine.  But I am a bit annoyed by the inconsistent amount of coffee that ends up in the cup.

The Nespresso pod coffee machine comes with two preset delivery volumes for espresso size and lungo size.  By default, the espresso size is 40ml and the lungo size is 110ml.

In addition to the pod coffee machine, I bought some of the Nespresso branded glass cups to enjoy my coffee in.  With the cups being see-through, you can very easily see the volume of coffee dispensed by the machine.  The amount of coffee produced, and therefore the depth of coffee in the glass cup, seems to vary quite a lot from one coffee to the next.  While this is a small annoyance, it is frustrating nonetheless.

If you hold down the espresso or lungo buttons, you can adjust the delivery amount of coffee as desired, so you are not limited by the factory settings.  However although this allows you to increase or decrease the amount of liquid that comes from the pod coffee machine, it does not fix the problem of inconsistent delivery volume.

When you warm the cup, a larger amount of water is delivered and you can adjust this so that the small cup is filled.  But when you lift the lever on the pod coffee machine, insert the Nespresso pod and press the same button to make your coffee, a significantly smaller volume of coffee is produced.  The cup is nowhere near being filled, perhaps four fifths full.

And this smaller volume of coffee seems to vary for seemingly unknown reasons from one coffee to the next.  Not by huge amounts but noticeable from one coffee to the next.  If you made five of these in a row, your guests might wonder why some of them are more favoured than the others with more coffee.  This seems strange given that the coffee is machine made, rather than judged by human eye.

You could adjust the delivery volume to produce even more coffee and fill the cup, but this would result in an overflow when just warming the cups with hot water (no pod inserted).

Any tips for a more consistent Nespresso coffee delivery amount?


  1. Coffee machine blinks but dose not respond when I put pot in and also hear no motor sucking water up. Just about to trow machine in the bin , very fostrated after rescaling can get machine working .

  2. I bought my coffee machine in Lidi in Dublin @ the Swords Rd store. It’s the Bellarom Coffee machine. I think it is only a new machine. When I got it the thing worked find. But then it started to give out an inch of water in the cup then it would make weird sounds like the water was hitting the hot plate, that was the sound it was making. I do not know why. I tried to flush the pipes and all is fine. The water comes out like it should, but when i use the capsules, a tiny bit comes out and then the loud grown like it is struggling to work. This is my first machine of this kind and it is really annoying me as to why. It is only a new machine.. This amount of money takes me a few weeks to save.
    Any help as to why this is happening. Oh, and the water that does not go into the cup ends up in the spill tray. The tray does be full up after just trying to make one cup. Only about an inch of water does be in the cup and the rest in the tray. I can see the water running into the tray because of it is all see-through.
    This is the last time I am buying anything from Lidi and I am never buying one of these machines again. I made myself broke because I wanted to get this and now I am screwed..

  3. I read with interest all the comments about POD machines. Biggest problem is cleanliness inside the POD area.
    Water quality varies all over the place, even here in Melbourne, (we have been voted by someone(?) as having the best and cleanest water in the world), but when ever I get inconsistent volume of coffee, I do a decalcify and the problem goes away.

    Whether you use a DeLongi or Aldi type unit, or any other, KEEP THEM CLEAN.

  4. I’ve been using my machine for five months and the trickle of coffee is like an old man with a prostate issue. It’s the Vertuo machine

  5. I have the Virtuoline but it doesn’t have a lever that goes up and down, only a lock handle that goes from side to side. What can I do to solve this problem? I was on tech support twice, but they couldn’t hel; me.

  6. Every time you say expresso instead of espresso one poor Italian guy falls of his Vespa. So please, try not to say it wrong. Thank you!

  7. Further to the previous… I used a toothbrush as a scrubber.

  8. i had this problem and rang the Nespresso help-line.
    They suggested opening the lever or slide and cleaning the surface which the front of the pod presses against, pushing the button and running the water through (as if you had put a pod in and were making a cup of coffee). Repeat that cleaning process ten times. It worked. Apparently, small flakes of ground coffee can build up in the front-facing area, that is the area of the machine against which the front of the pod presses. Hope this makes sense.

    • Worked a treat – I have been restoring factory settings and it was still dispensing minimal amounts when pressing Lungo – seems after a little clean and wash through we are back in the coffee game! Thank you.

    • thanks so much, Jonathan, that has worked for me!

    • Any idea what to do when the lungi button powering off ? Hence the short coffee ???

      • Just found it !!!
        Turn off the machine’s power button. Then hold Lungo button for 5 seconds while the machine is turned off. The buttons will flash rapidly three times, and your Nespresso Inissia® has now been restored to factory settings.

    • my issue is that it only happens with my Bustelo espresso capsules which is an aftermarket capsule made by Bustelo. This happens to be my favorite one of all of the capsules, even over the Nespresso ones, so I like to use the Bustelo the most

  9. The problem with my machine is that it consistently crushes the pods and we get maybe a 65% success rate on actually using these damed pods. It is finicky beyond belief ! Help !!!!!

  10. I find the Nespresso pods too weak. I used the medium size setting and got but a dribble from my new machine. Even that drinks was just not strong enough. I need 3 pods to get descent cup of joe

    • I’m having a similar issue, but for the time being just keep pressing the button and you won’t waste so many pods

    • I just discovered that you can re-calibrate how much is dispensed. Press and hold whichever button (Espresso or Lungo) and then let go when it has dispensed the desired amount 🙂

      • Thank you it was just the info i was looking for.
        Just got mine as a present and to start with it was dispensing half a mug when I pressed Lungo button.
        But thanks to you its me not the Merchine at fault.
        Also i have found that the Aldi coffee pods tast the best and as a bonus there are a lot cheaper.
        Dave Drew. Crawley West Sussex.

        • Wow, Aldo has pods that work Nespresso? Great info. I bought at Kroger’s pods that said it was Nespresso compatible. Was not the case & I returned. I buy only Lungos. Meanwhile my volume is not say terrific, also.

      • That worked! Thank you

      • Olga from Connecticut

        Harry – cannot thank you enough for the re-calibrating tip, the salesperson in a high-end store — dont want name names — oh well – it was Sur la Table in NY — had no idea when I had this problem, happy brewing

      • Harry, you’re a genius. That just saved me much heartache!

      • Thank you Harry!! The “calibration” trick it really worked for me. 😊

      • I just got my machine and was so confused as to why my machine just dispensed a small amount compared to my daughters machine. I then realized that when you are on the desired selection…mine is Lungo, then you press the select button and choose the desired amount of water dispensed. I had it on the lowest setting. Mine did not allow me to press and hold to dispense.

      • Helpful for my 4 year old machine. You saved me a replacement! Thank you.

  11. Personally I would urge people not to buy the Inissia model. The first one I bought through Amazon a month ago started to fill an espresso cup only 1/2 way . That started happening after just a week. I returned it and got another one. After 3 days this one is doing the same thing. I don’t see how it can calcify after 3 days. I have to hold the button down to fill the cup. It fills inconsistently and yes it is annoying. And obviously it’s happening to a lot of people.

    • Most of the Nespresso machines can be “calibrated” for volume. In most cases you simply hold down the Espresso button till your cup fills to just shy of the volume you want on that setting (there is some “overshoot”) then release the button. Do this again for the Lunge setting. If you made the mistake like I did of holding down the button to “top-off” the cup in the past you will inadvertently changed the calibration and have to re-calibrate your machine. I ran through a container of water before I learned how to quit as the cup will continue to fill a bit after release sort of like shooting ducks you have to learn to “lead” it a bit.
      Also I ONLY use distilled water in mine this avoids the “calcification” ( mineral build-up) problem.

    • Dave is right. You can calibrate your coffee to the taste or volume that you require.

      I use RO water for my coffee.

    • Weeelll … I’ve owned and used about thrice daily my ruby-red inissia for about 4 years. In country South Australia earlier this year I used tap water until machine decided it wasn’t going to work. Bought spring water and immediatelyp problem solved. As I travel with machine the original carton broke so shortened packaging and now machine lives in a Coles shopper bag. I must have bumped it in transit xce wouldn’t work this morning. This helpful websites directions for holding both buttons worked a treat and now I’m happy with my 2-3 cuppas per day, again. Thankyou people of this site. ps…I find L’OR papuan the best.

  12. How to clean out nespresso machine for calcifications .
    levels of coffee are varying and not consistent
    Where do you buy decalcifcation product

  13. I bought a new Citiz about 3 weeks ago. I tend to drink lungo most, and I’ve had great coffee until last couple of days. I now have to use a bigger cup, or it will overflow the lungo size cup, also the coffee is weaker because of more water.

    • do a factory reset on it

      • how do you do a factory reset

        • Factory Reset Instructions for Nespresso Citiz

          1. With machine being turned off (ie. Led lights not on), press and hold down the Lungo button for 5 seconds.

          2. LEDs will blink fast 3 times to confirm machine has been reset to factory settings.

          3. LEDs will then continue to blink normally, as heating up, until ready. Steady lights = machine ready.

          4. Factory settings: Espresso Cup: 40ml, Lungo Cup: 110 ml, Power Off mode: 9 mins.

    • You’ve accidentally adjusted the amount of water delivered by holding the button down – it “remembers” this as your preferred amount of water. Do a reset.

  14. Very disappointed with this machine, same problem as above. Small volumes of coffee, sometimes more out of the expresso one than the lungo one.

    • Select the amount of water dispensed when you are on the selected setting. When on your setting, hit the select button to the right and choose your deisred amount of water. I just figured this out

  15. My machine start having problem today, the problem is when I start to make coffee, I found the coffee liquid come out internaly, which means My cup could not get any coffee liquid. I have tried few time, even I turned off the machine for few minutes ts, and start again. The problem still the same. Please advice me what I should do.


    Joe Qian

    0423 211822

    • Mine is doing the same thing ?

      • So is mine and they said it is all to with the pods. You can use Nespresso pods not the ones that say they are are nespresso compatible.

        • I’ve tried several brands other than nestle: Fine Coffee Club are the least consistent IMO, sometimes you get almost nothing out of them, and I like CafePod a lot. Some great tasting coffee and more reliable pods.

  16. My oldest nespresso machine started to have these sort of problems the one shot is more like 2 shots…. and the double shot is a short expresso that comes out in spurs….

  17. David Brice-Bennett

    I have had two yellow machines and both of them crushed the pods when inserted with no coffee delivery. I have now upgraded to a Citiz model which seems to work . Doesn’t anybody check these machines before they are packaged for sale?
    I have written to customer service but that doesn’t seem to exist. Every picture tells a story.

  18. I have used my coffee machine for a year, and the inconsistant level of coffee is annoying. I have tried doing a cleaning cycle and will try to clean the plastic punches and will reply if it gets better.

  19. So if the machine has become faulty after having it for abut 3 years…any suggestions in regards to repair? I have just experienced this low water flow.

    • I have the same problem. Have u managed to solve it.

    • This is a calcification issue. Order the de calcification pouch from the coffee concierge at Nespresso Customer Services. Like any coffee brewer maintenance of calcium is important.
      I just bought the newest version of Nespresso “VertuoLine Chrome Bundle ” which includes the Aeroccino. I absolutely love the coffee and cappuccinos and lattes we can make.
      I actually fooled a few of my girlfriend’s one day by making them in to.go cups we bought at the store and adding some extracts (vanilla, almond, pumpkin whip cream on top). I told them a new coffee shop opened up near my house and I was treating. I didn’t reveal that it was Nespresso until after i saw their reactions. Every single one of them were impressed ! 4 awesome coffees cost me about $7 total even after cost of whip cream extracts disposable cups!
      We all know that had i gone to the “star” coffee shop (which I do love the coffees but not the cost and the waiting in line when im in a hurry), it would have cost me about $16- $20. You do the math.
      My friend just bought hers today 11/3/16 at BBB for $161.00 after the sale price ($187 and a 20% coupon)! What a killer deal!!!!!

  20. i am laughing like an idiot. We live in Italy where a “good” expresso is a third of an expresso cup size. No Italian would accept an expresso which fills the cup. They would send it back to the barista as ” dirty water”

    Our problem is that our Nespresso we use on our boat in the Uk makes coffee which is far too long….

    adjustment required….

  21. This machine is brand new. It has been embarrassing with guests over. It makes great coffee but the volume is ridiculously low, and I’ve tried the reprogramming and holding down the button. I’ve read the diction 10 times to see if I’m missing something. The video makes it very obvious how it works, but not working for is extremely annoying! !

  22. I’m having the same problem wit coffe volume and it is very annoying . I can’t seem to fix it. The long button produces maybe 50 ml of coffee.please help.

  23. I cannot see how old this question is. Maybe it’s 10 years old!

    Anyway, the coffee capsule once inserted presents an additional obstacle to the water flowing out, so naturally you will get less water with a capsule rather than without.

    Another issue maybe the front part of the capsule assembly, the plastic surface that presses and pierces the aluminium foil at the front of the capsule, gets clogged with coffee and that might also decrease the amount of water you get in the cup. You can clean it by using a hard bristle toothbrush, preferably small head.

    It may also be that the machine is faulty – there is a pressure valve and a water pump, either of them may have been damaged/worn/scale build up etc.

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